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"Performing in a theater the music saved from oblivion
it is like having finally freed it from the prison camp"

Francesco Lotoro

Foundation ILMC brings music composed in concentrationary camps in the theaters worldwide

Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30 - Rome
Sala Santa Cecilia - 26th January, 2015

Programme and credits

"Halleluja" by Viktor Ullmann
"Hedad gina k'tanah" by Viktor Ullmann
"Ki'tavo'u el ha'Aretz" by Zikmund Schulavid Beigelman, Romanì Dzili

Children's Choir of Santa Cecilia Conservatory

NINNA NANNA di Ilse Weber

presenta Marco Baliani

David Beigelman, Romanì Dzili
Violin: R. Lakatos Voices: M. Balog, M. Fuks

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