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The Citadel of Concentrationary Music

Area dell'Ex Distilleria su cui indicativamente sorgerà la Cittadella


The Citadel of Concentrationary Music represents the corollary of the extensive search of music scores conducted over the last 30 years (and it's not over yet) by the pianist and researcher Francesco Lotoro as well as of his documentary and philological work  protected by the ILMC Foundation:

  • More than 8 thousand music scores written in concentration Camps and other places of imprisonment between 1933 and 1953

  • 12,500 documents such as films, audio and diaries 

  • 3 thousand non-fiction books on concentrationary music


This monumental archive, which will allow concentrationary music to return to life, will be located in the Citadel thanks to the requalification of the area and structures of an ancient disused distillery in the city of Barletta (Puglia, Italy). In a surface of 9,000 square meters, it will host the Campus, the Music Sciences Library, the  Thesaurus Memoriae Museum, the Nuovi Cantieri Theater, the International Bookstore of theTwentieth Century and a little Hotel for researchers and students. The Citadel will be completed and fully functional in few years. 


This space will have study/research areas and an Main Hall; it will be the seat of the Master in Concentrationary Literature, of the National Jewish Music Centre "Emanuele Pacifici"and will include two Departments: the Triennial Course of Jewish Music Literature and Study Center of Hazanuth in Continental Europe and Mediterranean, as well as the Restoration Laboratory for musical scores and instruments.


This space will host works created by artists held in concentration Camps and other works of art donated to the Foundation by generous patrons; it will be provided with facilities for the use of the materials kept in the Video Library and Phonographic Archive, and will offer itineraries dedicated to individual visitors, school groups and other organized groups.


Books and multimedia works will be available for consultation in this department; it will include reading rooms and workstations, and and will be where conferences and editorial activities related to unpublished works and to Encyclopedia Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae will be held.


The Nuovi Cantieri Theater is an outdoor space with a roof and was designed for concerts and theatrical performances. It is also equipped with a special space for audio and video recordings.


The bookstore will provide a wide editorial offer on the music of the 20th century up to the contemporary one and will be equipped with an educational laboratory, a space for book presentations, for reading and selling gadgets.


It is an accommodation facility for researchers and students and will include a Literary Café and a Restaurant.

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