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The Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae is an Encyclopedia in 12 volumes and 2 DVD and represents the most advanced stage of research in music production of prison, internment, transit, concentration, death, hard labor, military penitentiary, Stalag and Oflag, POW and Gulag camps open between 1933 and 1953 in Europe, Colonial Africa, Asia, Australia, USA, Canada and Latin America.

The Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae will be published in 2024.

The project of the Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae involves a research and editorial production staff that features internationally renowned researchers, scholars, university professors, historians, historiographers, musicians and musicologists that are working on the editorial production and on recordings on behalf of the ILMC Foundation.


  • volumes I, II, III.  History and historiography of concentrationary music literature from 1933 to 1953

  • volume IV. List and analysis of the Camps where musical production took place from 1933 to 1953

  • volumes V, VI, VII. List and biographies of composers that produced in captivity from 1933 to 1953

  • volumes VIII, IX, X, XI. Scores of musical works written in civil and military captivity from 1933 and 1953

  • volume XII. Synopsis sheets of music production by Camp and Author, bibliography, discography and filmography, DVD 1 containing the recordings of discography published in vol. VIII, IX, X, XI DVD 2 containing a wide choice of interviews with survived musicians.

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