A Worldwide Campaign to Save the Lost Music

Join us in this monumental journey all around the world

A huge number of music is still waiting to be discovered all around the world. 

The Future Memories Project aims to support Lotoro's journey in a worldwide campaign to search, recover, publish and perform the still undiscovered music.

Many journeys have been undertaken and thousands of miles have been already travelled thanks to the support of the Claims Conference, the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe, the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah and the Regione Puglia (Italy).

Nevertheless, there are still hundred thousands miles left that Francesco Lotoro needs to travel.
These trips are becoming increasingly urgent, because the last generation of survivors is rapidly disappearing.  

Join us in this monumental journey all around the world.


Donate Miles to Lotoro's Journey

Join the cause and contribute to the Future Memories Campaign by donating miles to support Lotoro's Journey.

Every donated mile is a step towards not just recovering lost music but resurrecting the identities and legacies of composers who risked everything to express themselves through music.

After 56.128 miles already travelled, 221.622 miles still remain to complete the extraordinary and demanding journey.

Your generous support is not just about covering distances; it's about bridging the gap between the past and the present, about giving voice to those silenced, about ensuring that this rich heritage informs and enriches future generations.

This is your chance to be part of this unique journey: with each mile, we draw closer to save precious trasures that might otherwise be lost to the annals of time.

Supporting Ways and Exclusive Rewards

Explore the supporting ways and select how you'd like to partake in preserving this invaluable cultural heritage.
Your choice makes a world of difference, and we thank you for standing with us.

Choose Your Supporting Way


Traveller of Art


By donating $100, you unlock 100 miles of Lotoro’s Journey.


Your name will be listed in our 'Roll of Traveller of Art' marking your pledge to keep the music alive.


Guardian of History


By donating $500, you unlock 500 miles of Lotoro’s Journey.


Receive a Certificate of Adoption for a musical score, marking your personal role in this noble pursuit.


Ambassador of Life


By donating $1,000, you unlock 1,000 miles of Lotoro’s Journey.


Receive the copy of a saved  and a Certificate of Adoption, a memento of your significant impact.

DONATE $1,000

Unlock Your Own Journey


By donating any amount through NYFA, you contribute to Lotoro’s Journey, unlocking miles proportionate to your contribution.


Discover the exclusive perks available on the NYFA platform and celebrate your unique contribution to preserving the music.


Thank you to all the generous donors whose contributions breathe life into our mission and ensure the preservation and celebration of this profound cultural legacy


What after the Campaign?

Preserving And Sharing This Cultural Heritage

The Future Memories project illuminates the resilience of human spirit through preserving and sharing music from WWII's darkest times, curated by Maestro Francesco Lotoro.

The Future Memories project, supported by Claims Conference and other grants, involves extensive research trips, leading to the preservation and dissemination of a unique cultural heritage: music created amidst WWII atrocities, collected by Francesco Lotoro over three decades. Lotoro’s work is unparalleled in scope, encompassing thousands of scores, documents and testimonies from Holocaust survivors and various conflict zones.

This research reshapes musical historiography, revealing how music served as mental resistance during deportation, aiding survival and solidarity. It introduces innovative Holocaust education methods, merging testimonies and music to foster a deeper understanding and prevention of intolerance.The project prioritizes making this heritage accessible to diverse audiences, including scholars, curators, educators, students, survivors and the public. Various dissemination activities target these groups, from preservation efforts to publications and concerts, celebrating a range of compositions from classical symphonies to folk songs.

Future Memories
’ second phase involves preserving materials, anticipating the 2025 launch of the Citadel of Concentrationary Music. This institution will feature a comprehensive library, facilitating global access to these resources through meticulous restoration, digitization and cataloging processes, aligned with international standards. The project's extensive reach includes a multi-language book and a web portal, offering global access to Lotoro’s findings, including digital diaries, news, stories, scores and other documents. Long-term plans involve the Citadel's establishment, anticipated exhibitions, concerts and educational events, amplifying the project's impact.The project's international scope is evident through partnerships, the universal appeal of music and Lotoro's established connections with global institutions, scholars and public audiences. His contributions to musicology and Holocaust studies, highlighted in international media and concerts worldwide, underscore the project's expansive potential, promising profound cultural and educational implications globally.