After the great success of Rome, Libero is my Canto. Music of deported women arrives at the Apollo Theater in Lecce

Monday 25 February, 8.30 pm, at the Apollo Theater in Lecce the concert “Libero è il mio Canto” is repeated. Music of deported women “, already presented in the world premiere in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica on January 16th. The program includes music written, performed and sung by women and artists deported and interned in the German concentration camps, in the Russian gulags and in the Japanese and African concentration camps, during the Second World War.

“Libero è il mio Canto” was conceived by Viviana Kasam, who also edited the texts, and by Marilena Francese, and both have edited the production together with Donatella Altieri.

The concert, promoted by the UCEI (Union of Jewish Communities) for the Day of Memory, revives entire musical works, lullabies for their son and for the children of all mothers, songs of denunciation of women forgotten by history, all compositions that the pianist Francesco Lotoro, president of the ILMC Foundation (Institute of Musical Concentration Literature), based in Barletta, has brought to light thanks to the recovery work carried out in thirty years in European libraries and private archives of former deportees or their sons, in which are kept entire works destined to oblivion if Lotoro had not made them born again in many theaters of the world. Faced with a cruel and often ineluctable destiny, men and women have given the best of themselves and their ingenuity; in particular, in the female concentration camp music repertoire pain becomes color and is able to excite and overwhelm the listener with texts that are not trivial, rather they denote a particular care of the sung text and are united by a developed musical taste typical of Mitteleuropean female culture of the first half of the twentieth century.

The appointment with their music will be, therefore, Monday, February 25 at 20.30 at the Apollo Theater where the master Lotoro will accompany the singer Cristina Zavalloni and will direct a group of musicians mainly from Puglia: Vince Abbracciante, accordionist; Fabrizio Signorile, violinist; Giuseppe Carabellese, cellist; Andrea Campanella, clarinetist; Leonardo Gallucci, guitarist. With them also the female choir “Ilse Weber” of Barletta, prepared by the soprano Anna Maria Pansini. Narrating voice will be the well-known actress Paola Pitagora.

Ph: Mirella Caldarone; Luciana Doronzo