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The Foundation Istituto di Letteratura Musicale Concentrazionaria/Institute of Concentrationary Music Literature (ILMC) was founded in 2014 to research, catalogue, record, publish and promote the Concentrationary Music.

Concentrationary Music is the music created in imprisonment, transit, forced labor, concentration and extermination Camps, jails, ships and logistics turned in imprisonment sites, POW Camps, Stalag, Oflag and Gulag open both by Third Reich, Italy, Japan, Italian Social Republic, Vichy regime and other Axis countries as so as Great Britain, France, Soviet Union and other Allies countries in Europe, colonial Africa, Asia, U.R.S.S., U.S.A., Latin America and Oceania from 1933 (opening of KZ Dachau) to 1953 (death of Josif Stalin) by discriminated, persecuted, imprisoned, deported, killed or survived musicians of any professional, artistic, social, religious, national background.

In 1989 Francesco Lotoro – the President of the Foundation – began his research, until today 8,000 scores and 12,000 documents concerning music written both in civilian and military captivity (microfilms, prison diaries and musicbooks, mechanographic recordings on audiotape and videotape, vinyl records), hundreds of volumes of scientific and theoretical literature on the matter, several hours of interviews to survived performers and composers.

The principal goal of ILMC Foundation is to make available to everyone this invaluable heritage by means of the building of The Citadel of Concentrationary Music that will became the biggest international Hub on the matter.

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