On Sunday, January 27th 2019, at 9.15 pm, the recording of the concert “Libero è il mio canto, Musics of deported women”, was performed on RAI5 (also on the digital platform RAIPLAY), performed last January 16th in the Sala Sinopoli of the Auditorium Parco of Music of Rome. Conceived and organized by Viviana Kasam and Marilena Citelli Francese, the event was sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and promoted by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI).

Director: M ° Francesco Lotoro

Ensemble Lagerkapelle Choir of the White Voices of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia (M ° Ciro Visco)

Ilse Weber Choir (M ° Anna Maria Stella Pansini)

Solo singer: Cristina Zavalloni

Acting voice: Paola Pitagora

Guest star: Aviva Bar-On

Directed by: Angelo Bucarelli

In the picture: The Jewish-Czech poet and composer Ilse Weber, author of numerous poems and songs for Jewish children. Deported in February 1942 in the concentration camp of Theresienstadt with her husband and her younger son, he worked there as a nurse for the captive children, but without the availability of medicines, forbidden to the Jews. When her husband was transferred to Auschwitz in October 1944, Ilse chose to follow him voluntarily with his son Tommy, and here he was killed in the gas chambers together with the child upon their arrival.