Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae

The Encyclopedia Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae in 12 volumes and 2 DVD will issue in 2022 infour languages (Italian, English, French, German) and it will be the most advanced stage of research on the concentrationary music,:

Around the Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae, a research and editorial production Staff of researchers, academics, historians, musicologists and musicians of international standing is operating; among the works already published, the CD–Encyclopedia KZ MusikQuaderno di Storia concentrazionaria, the albumBrundibàrFonte di ogni bene [Canti degli ebrei di San Nicandro Garganico]Renato Virgilio [Vita e opere di un musicista]Weihnachtsoratorium by F. Nietzsche, piano reduction and booklet of the opera Misha e i Lupi by F. Lotoro, Antologia Musicale Concentrazionaria.


Thesaurus Musicae Concentrationariae, work plan:

  • volumes I, II, III. History and historiography of concentrationary music literature from 1933 to 1953;
  • volume IV. List and analysis of concentration camps headquarters of musical creative activity from 1933 to 1953;
  • volumes V, VI, VII. List and biographies of the composers who produced in captivity from 1933 to 1953;
  • volumes VIII, IX, X, XI. 600 scores written in civil and military captivity from 1933 to 1953;
  • volume XII. Synoptic tables, analytical index of music both by Camps and Authors, bibliography, discography and filmography, DVD 1 containing recordings of the works published in vols. VIII, IX, X, XI, DVD 2 containing a wide range of interviews to survived musicians.