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The Foundation Istituto di Letteratura Musicale Concentrazionaria/Institute of Concentrationary Music Literature (ILMC) was founded in 2014 to research, catalogue, record, publish and promote the Concentrationary Music.

Concentrationary Music is the music created in imprisonment, transit, forced labor, concentration and extermination Camps, jails, ships and logistics turned in imprisonment sites, POW Camps, Stalag, Oflag and Gulag open both by Third Reich, Italy, Japan, Italian Social Republic, Vichy regime and other Axis countries as so as Great Britain, France, U.R.S.S. and other Allies countries in Europe, colonial Africa, Asia, U.R.S.S., U.S.A., Latin America and Oceania from 1933 (opening of KZ Dachau) to 1953 (death of Josif Stalin) by discriminated, persecuted, imprisoned, deported, killed or survived musicians of any professional, artistic, social, religious, national background.

Concentrationary music begins in the first German Camp and ends in the last Soviet Gulag; in the midst, 20 tragic and disturbing years for Mankind, during which entire generations of intellectuals, artists and musicians disappeared because of several discriminating reasons or survived dramatic humanitarian events, leaving to the future a difficult testament of Music.

We have to act so that future generations can enjoy such artistic phenomenology as a legitimate cultural heritage; this music is one of the most important legacies of universal History.

On the shelves of an imaginary library of the History of Music of the 20th century, concentrationary music is missing; music historiography must be updated in the light of the abyss open thanks to the recovered music written in captivity from 1933 to 1953.

The rise of Nazism and the progressive de–Stalinization of Soviet Union are the poles of a huge historical and geopolitical plan, artistic creativity in captivity is a human common factor among them;there is a deep interconnection between historical and social phenomenology of Nazi–fascism and Stalinism, it is based on deportation, exile, internment and psycho–physical annihilation of people.

statute of the foundation


FOUNDING MEMBERS: Francesco Lotoro, Grazia Tiritiello, Daniele Barchetta, Paolo Candido, Roberto Piccolo, Unione delle Comunità Ebraiche Italiane (UCEI).

PRESIDENT: Francesco Lotoro

VICE PRESIDENT: Grazia Tiritiello

GENERAL SECRETARY: Daniele Barchetta

Francesco Lotoro

Francesco Lotoro is the president and founder of ILMC Foundation. An Italian pianist born in Barletta in 1964, piano graduated at the Conservatorium of Music N. Piccinni in Bari, piano specialization at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt in Budapest with Kornél Zempléni and László Almásy, he also studied with Viktor Merzhanov, Tamas Vasary and Aldo Ciccolini.

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